November 2011 Blog Posts (3)

Strange Spirit

For about the past 3 weeks I have seen a ghost that is walking around my neighbors house in a circle. She circles the house and stops in front of their windows and appears as if she is looking in. I thought, well that seems strange that a ghost would be doing this. On the side of the house closest to mine she looks like a blob of light. I can only see features of her face. But when she gets to the other side of the house furthest from mine I can see her reflection through the window of the…


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Spiritual Purpose

Why am I here?

This question first came up for me when I was still a teenager. In college, I studied philosophy in the hopes of finding some answers. But it wasn't until later in life, when I embraced myself as a spiritual being housed in a physical form, that the answers became very clear. I had some important lessons to learn, old karma to settle, and some new patterns to set for myself.

The obvious answer to my question of purpose…


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As i've been traveling to Florida, i've been able to see alot of nature and animals. Its been pretty fun so far. I've seeing alot of shaman around and it's cool to look around and see nature of different places in the world. Right now i'm in Georgia and i haven't seen any shaman yet but it's very beautiful here :)

They have just been telling me alot about the nature, since ive been around alot of trees, ive been getting alot about trees. But what i do is send positive energies to them…


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