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Seeing the negatives in the future events

Way back in my younger years, I used to do tarot readings. But I stopped when I was 18. I had several reasons for stopping, but the biggest reason that I stopped was because when I had future flashes of events that would happen later in life they were negative. I tried to use card reading to help me see the positive but still the negative future flashes would not stop.


My first future flash was about a friend of mine getting shot. It was a terrible flash and I was only 14…


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Balancing Negative Energy

I decided to title this balancing negative energy instead of balancing positive energy. I mean most of us that are trying to gain more psychic insight and nurture our abilities are focusing on the positive energies in order to accomplish it. But every year in the season of spring we watch an appearance of negative forces fade from the world into a beautiful life of buds, insects, animals, and flowers. Everything that appeared as if it were dead suddenly comes back to…


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Power Up With Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is one of the very practical rituals that I try to honour ever year… the operative word in that sentence is “try”… in the end, trying doesn’t get you there… but this year, through a number of fortunate circumstances, my home is getting a pretty thorough Spring Cleaning, and I can’t tell you how happy it makes me!

The happiness began when my son and I each received tax refunds and at the same time were awarded a small home improvement grant for…


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Rainbow meditations

One of the aspects of life that I am always fond of is the natural elemental beauty of the earth that we live on. So as I spent my time exploring the thought processes that people discovered through metaphysical, spiritual, soul searching. I came upon the ideas of the way that colors influence us. But not only the influence upon the psychology of our mind, but also in the ways of being able to discern the essence of energy.


When I discovered that a great deal of light that we…


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Choosing Lucky Numbers

As psychics we are often asked for winning numbers... but if it were that easy to choose "lucky" numbers, the lotteries would be out of business. Whether you're lucky or not is a reflection of your attitude and approach to life - and whether or not you really believe you can be lucky. If you have some old childhood beliefs, for example, about not being worthy, or not having enough, or not being good at handling money, it can be very difficult to win anything, let alone a major… Continue

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Indigo Statistics, Why They are Ridiculous, And Other Concerns

According to most "experts", indigos are supposed to make up 90% of the young population. This statistic is a load of crap. There is no doubt in my mind that that the 0-10 crowd is that way, but 13-17 is just about the most boring bunch you'll ever meet. I'd give it a give it a 20%.

Look, people. I'm trying to save the world here. I was told by someone that it was my destiny. If I'm gonna do that, I need more support from my fellow New Kids. The term indigo is getting outdated, since… Continue

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Psychic Puberty

So here's a little thing I've been noticing on this website. All the older members have these cheerful little forum and blog posts about finding inner peace and mediating and stuff. Teens on this site, such as myself, tend to talk about problems and seem to just be moody and hormonal. Yaaaaaay society that thinks we're a bunch of crazy freaks!

So here's my question to the community: is the whole suckiness just part of growing up psychic or is the indigo generation getting special… Continue

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     I was just telling my friend, Teresa, that I was going to blog this episode just to see what others had to say. A few months ago, I had a 9 foot shaman come to me and give me a totem that gave me the energy to transform into animals. But well not just animals but also other living things such as trees. I know a lot of you are thinking to yourself, wow that is just really far fetched. But I have been studying Hebrew for 20 years. Started studying Kabbalah for about 6 years now. And I was…


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Spirit Visiting

Today I was visited by a "spirit" I was sitting on the sofa with one of the three dogs in my lap. Suddenly the older  dog stood up on the sofa and began to move his head from left to right in a line. He was watching something. I felt a cold chill pass through me, and it is doing this right now as I type. I am not so comfortable right now. I do not fear, nor am I comfortable. i do not know who it is. I am wondering who it might be.Any way he stood up on the sofa and began to bark in a…


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How to Get Sent to the Office at a Conservative School

1. Wear a "Legalize Gay" t-shirt.
2. Dye your hair blue.
3. Give the teacher a lengthy speech about how sending your blue haired, gay supporting friend to the principal's office was unconstitutional while proceeding to throw a pen at their face...with your mind.

Yes, people of the internet, for about five minutes I had the power to lift pens. Then it went away. I REALLY hope it comes back because that was freaking cool!!

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Developing Psychic Ability

If I am psychic, how do I start using my abilities?

Being psychic is not just about foretelling the future – being psychic is more about being able to read energy, and to move between the dimensions of time and space… being…


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Am I Psychic

How do I know if I am psychic?

All of us have some psychic ability – it is imbedded in our genetic structures – a built in protection mechanism. In the early stages of our development as a species, we relied on our instincts, our intuitive connection with nature, not only to alert us to danger, but also to help us find food and water. Through the centuries,…


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Okay, kids, it's time to freaking do something!

First things first: I'm pretty sure I'm the only regular blogger on this entire website.

So here's the sitchy-ation. I had this awesome dream last night. Indigo kids like myself were coming together and getting ready to rebuild the entire system. For those of you who have never heard of indigos, they're this new generation of psychic kiddos who are supposed to lead humanity into a new spiritual age. Many people believe that indigos make up most of the teen/young adult population buy… Continue

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What's Wrong With Me?

Lately, I've been developing new abilities everyday. For those of you who haven't been keeping up (basically pretty much everyone on the planet), I can already read auras, astral project, and see the very near future. Lately, I'm beginning to wonder if that last one is some form of mind reading because it only applies to what someone is going to say or do. Another new skill is the ability to heal with thought. The other day, my mom fell down the stairs. She was lying there in pain. I looked at… Continue

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Katharine Hepburn and Spaghetti (aka I Make a Lot of Lucky Guesses)

So I've had a pretty freaky day.

It all started in my Geography class when a guy decided to play 20 Questions with the teacher. She was asked to think of any actor. Before she even answers a question, I think to myself "Katharine Hepburn". That struck me as odd at first because I wasn't really into Katharine Hepburn (I'm more of an Audrey fan) and had only seen her in one film. First question: Male or Female? The answer was female. This didn't freak me out because believe it or not,… Continue

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Welcome to my Blog Thing

Hello world. I am Carly, an average teenage girl who's a little...different.

Different meaning psychic.

Bet you didn't see that one coming. This being a psychic social network, you probably thought I was the worlds youngest accountant. Sorry to disappoint you.

Anysploo, I can read auras, do the whole astral projection thing, and sense the (extremely) near future. I also have a highly developed sense of irony and play a mean piano.

Besides being… Continue

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Reading Relationship

be willing to notice the signs that indicate whether this connection can grow into a loving partnership - or is simply a warm and inspiring friendship



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Invitation and February Update

We're creating a more consolidated structure for our global community movement/network and activating several global alliances. Will update again soon; a lot going on.

I'm about to send out the QE Newsletter, so if you haven't signed up yet; now's the time to visit our web site at It will be loaded with not only news updates, but educational information from our decades of research.

If you are a member of Facebook, please… Continue

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When Surrender is Not an Option

Surrender, as a spiritual principle, teaches us to yield to a Higher Power, to give oneself up to the power of the present. I have often suggested to clients that they needed to surrender to what IS... for example, if their partner wants out of the relationship, let them go, accept that things have changed so you too can move on in life. If the economy is dragging your business down, don't try to expand, surrender to what is, tighten your belt, improve your service, work your client base and…


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The Witche's Rune

 The Witches' Rune

Darksome night and shining moon,

 Hearken to the witches' rune.…


Added by Rev Dr. Jennifer Stevenson on January 19, 2011 at 5:05pm — 1 Comment

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