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The Hermit Card #9

This is the card that came up at Teresa's reading yesterday. She performs tarot for me every month to help me to create a positive successful future. Oh how I love her readings. I tell you this girl read me in a situation that was almost impossible. And she made me feel so loved and worthy in a time that was so much darkness.


So basically the instruction for this month was to return to myself and show as much love to myself as I have been capable to give to others around me.…


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Sherri, do you have political or religious agendas?

Well, I sat and looked at this question and even right now I still have tears running down my eyes.


The answer is no....absolutely not. My interest in researching any spiritual book I have ever read has never been to promote religion or politics.


So why do I cry when I have this very honest and forthright question makes it's appearance in my life. Fundamentally this is the obvious reason why most people even speak upon subjects. Look we all have reasons for…


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About Dreams

So i've relized that my dreams usually come from my sub consious if they already happened to me or someone else in the past. But when my dreams are really clear and colorful, it happens the next day or is really close to what happened in my dream.

My mom told me the colors of feelings which is blue(peace), Red(fear), Orange(Anger), Green(healing), and yellow(understanding). So usually you will see those main colors in your dreams. If it is something like purple or black in your dream…


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Tsuni Goam: Infinite Supreme Being of the Koi Koi Tribe

Well I just spent 20 years writing research papers on other people's ideas on religion and politics. Lots of political ideology in college no matter what subject you are studying. So please forgive me that I have been taking out time to discuss my own research that I have been keeping really silent in order to finish my classes and be a good student.


I ran across some really interesting stuff on my journey. And gee, this one was a research project that came up when a friend…


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Reading the books on Enoch

I just received some e-mails that people are reading the books. They are great books. I am a wonderful story teller. So maybe you might be let down a little by the Secrets of Enoch. I recite words from the book. Add some understanding from what the Ancient forms of the Hebrew translations would reveal. And then I recite my own comprehension and experiences that I think about as the words digest. It almost could be like the young man in the "Princess Bride". His dad told the story to him in a…


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Raving about Karen's grounding and protecting meditation

I was intrigued right away with Karens words. I could just feel the love and the warmth when I read the steps to this meditation that she shared!!!


So this morning I tried it. Everybody in my house was still asleep so I had some alone time for a little while.


You know I have to say I really did feel grounded. I could just feel love energy all over me and through me. So close to our great Mother and life itself. I mean it was just like a shield all around me. I…


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Remaining in the Light

Ok everybody, I heard you....I heard you. People don't want to leave the light conversation. Of course I understand. We are all drawn to the light. So I will remain on the subject because you want me to. Please don't forget that eventually I will need to go on to number vibrations.


It happens to be very interesting that according to the Book of Enoch that light happens to be one of the very generous storehouses in the 1st heaven. Very seriously, these ancient people really…


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Gevurah contemplations

I always end my segments with a few Gevurah contemplations. This is a time when I ask myself very important questions about what the heck I am doing and why. I listen for the questions and so many people have good questions. All of you are such wonderful nice people who are open minded. But as I go through a journey of answering questions, I ask myself the ones that get left out by most people.


So the first question comes up. Sherri, why in the world are you discussing…


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Question: Will people start to read the reality of life backwards?

Now that is absolutely one of the best questions that I have ever received from someone. Thank you my dear daughter for posing such a question. It shows me that you are thoughtful and considering impacts of such powerful energy reading on society as a whole. Remember with "power comes great responsibility." (Originally spoken through the 1st Spider Man movie by Peter Parker's Uncle.)


People are actually using this ability without even knowing that they do it in their day to…


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Question about "reading upside down"

Now this is a wonderful question. Thank you for asking the question.


As you remember I was discussing a problem that I ran across in which I had to unlock a vault inside my mind interpreting a specific code of letters that had to be read frontwards backwards and upside down. So I was just asked how someone can read upside down. In general letters are the same upside down as they are backwards. Many of us will look at a personal note left on the table and realize it is upside…


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Question of Regressive Therapies

I personally agree with regressive therapies. I have been able to experience 5 regressive therapies that have been very enlightening and rock solid in my journey through personal healing. There are many people on this website who offer regressive therapy spiritual help. I am looking forward to working with some of these people for my own benefits. I personally learned how to put myself into trances and to regress myself through meditation by following some of the hindu forms of meditations.…


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Commenting on Traditional ways and Diverse ways

Yes, it is a good point that you are making about the traditional teachings that block some of the creative thought processes that bring forth a healing. It is important to understand that traditional teachings that go back further in time to more ancient days are actual creative thought processes that made this meditation work so well in our lives. The ancient Hebrew interpretation tells us that light and darkness are only opposites of the same energy on a grid of existence. They also…


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How does 2nd level heaven meditation work?

Some people were disappointed that I did not talk about how this meditation works.


Forgive me for disappointing some of you. So I will begin by telling you that all of this was created and founded on a terrible event that happened inside of my family relationships when I was very young. We were all trapped inside of a reality using coping skills. Coping skills of denial, accusation, guilt, fear, and even hatred. These coping skills caused our family to get divided. When I was…


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What is a second heaven level meditation?

This meditation is based on very ancient precepts that we find in a book written by Enoch. The book is entitled, “The Book of the Secrets of Enoch.” The intrigues of these writings are premised upon visions of Hebraic pictures and meaningful expressions. They are the foundation of thought processes that surfaced into the world during ancient times creating the basis of certain modern day philosophical reasoning.

Enoch’s writings are the very first writings that profoundly describe…


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Reincarnation FAQs

Remembering something of your past lives is easier and more common than we might think. Old soul memories will trigger reactions in present time… past life experiences can explain a lot about what is happening in our lives, like why certain relationship are especially easy or difficult or why we react to certain sounds or smells or locations. As more and more of us open to the idea of…

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Oh yes, it is so good to feel those words come into a reality. One of my students has just entered into the realm of learning to transcend his belief system into productive positive energy. As I have been teaching him 2nd heaven level meditations he has grasped the eternal truth that all things were created good and all things will be made beautiful in their time.


Ok so I wanted to boast about him because it has been hard work. Hard work on every single angle. Changing our…


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Bringing the wholeness back from the daily devisive circumstances

Many times as we walk through our day, we find ourselves divided inside of ourself and we don't realize the division that takes place. Our minds compartmentalize information in great detail through the events of a day. Most of the information of details lie in our subconscience minds as our conscience remains intact through our daily schedules. We see that which we wish to see in the realm of our conscience mind walking through our daily schedules.


As it all reminded me of…


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Who Do We See When We Die?

Our spirit guides and guardian angels, the souls of our ancestors, friends and family make a point of appearing for the special occasions in our lives…. and one of the most important times they will come to us is when we die….

The first time I saw who we see when we die was when a dear aunt was dieing. I was driving home from the hospital a week or so before she passed, praying and working the…


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stronger scences


So lately one of my scences has grown stronger.It's my scence of smell before it wasn't tis strong but now I can smell any thing. just last weekend my made tea in the kitchen and the kitch is after the halway in the appartement and I could smell it . At times when I'm in front of my door I think I smell…


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The Key To Achieving Freedom and A Fair Societal Structure

People have chosen to deny their power and blame others for their problems for millennia, and so they have become less and less free. The victim mentality has manifested as a system of victimization and control. At any time people could choose not to participate in the system and create a new one or change their current one, but they do neither, as a general rule.

They have chosen not to accept personal responsibility, which is why many don't want to believe in God or Karma (you reap… Continue

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