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Children with Psychic Gifts

Psychic Ability Kids

One of the greatest gifts in life are our children. It is common that many of our younger children between the ages of three and twelve years

of age have remarkable psychic ability.

But how can such on unusual child fit into mainstream society? Psychic

gifts can be a curse, instead of a blessing when not understood. This

can make life extremely difficult for the young child and cause the

psychic gifts to become thwarted…


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Passion Leads to Action...

The Passion Flower in my garden

Why Pursue Your Passion?

Passion, intense feeling, typically refers to something we thoroughly enjoy doing, something that excites us, gets us going in the morning. Passion is what drives us to…


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Midnight Goes to the Moon

A Story of Pet Reincarnation

Funny how things work out… for example, that I should find myself living and working as a psychic when I am a natural born sceptic. For me, being sceptical is just a matter of “using my head”, as my mother used to tell us, applying common sense, even to paranormal experiences. I move past my doubts and questioning when experience validates a paranormal event. My belief in the spirit world came only after several spirits asked me to deliver…


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