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I first saw brandon about 5-6 days ago. He was burned from head to toe and just about or taller than 6'1". Had the most beautiful blue/brown eyes. We were almost the same age. Which is the reason why he came, because of our age.

He gave an image of being an opponent or teamate running behind a player with a soccer ball on a soccer field. I believe that he may actually be real. I talked to him, almost like someone would talk to a close friend.

Because he got…


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Her name is Sarah, and she brought someone with her........

I found that my spirit guide is named sarah. And about two mornings ago, she brought someone with her.

I was in the shower about two mornings ago, when I got this feeling. I looked behind me and saw a guy with alarming blue eyes staring back at me somewhat eagerly. He was tan with dirty blonde hair and alarming blue eyes. He was about my age and height. While I was in the shower, he appeared about twice behind me. I said something like "go away!" or "get out!" and "No!". He…


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My Intuition

I am different in a way that no one, not even I can understand. My intuition comes and goes very often. Sometimes it comes back expectedly, or it comes back unexpectedly. It is very confusing because I have researched signs of being psychic, and I find that I match some of them most definately. Others, I match a little or not at all. I can sometimes score average on tests for precognition, but however I score poorly on tests like zener cards and other things like shapes,…


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