When I was little and when I was in the dark or close my eyes I would always see lights.To describe them  they would move fast they looked like tic taks and were neon I would see red green and rarely blue..I see them now but they aren't as hardly as bright... I was just curious if this hold any relevances to me being a clairvoyant.

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Um, idk about being clairvoyalnt, but i have the same feeling. But for me, they are balls, with a tail and zoom around me. If I stare at a person in front of me, there will be only 1ball,blue if they are sad, red hated, green ueasy, etc.

Idk if that helps, but i can see peopl's emotins. Also, if u are in a highly populated area, that maybe means, u feel energies, or their spirts intentional emotins. That's my best guess. wirte me back. ;p

 I'm not sure since I could  see them in the dark  when I was little alone ...But I guess they are energies

 I see them in dark places too. Now, that I can't explain alot. When I go tot bed, i see them. when I was little I thought they were fireworks or cool stuff, and when my eyes were closed i tried to grab them in mid air. My mom thought I was crazy.

 Hmmm, maybe we should look up on this. One question: is there any paranormal activity going on in the room you're in? anyone watching you? dizzy feeling, lghtheadedness, or lack of sleep? Idk, but it's a start. ;p


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