I've felt really lonely since school started. Knowing that no one else understands what we going through and all. Sometimes I feel like I want to tell someone to stop being so depressed because I feel it too. It brings down my mood terribly. Are there any other empaths or anyone out there really, know how to block out negative feelings like that? 

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Hi, i am a storng empath. I also feel that people would never understand us. That make sme feel isolated. I got depressed alot. I usually try thinking of postive things, like what do u have , but they don't and how could u use them, but they can't.

Mediation is a biggie. I do it alot, it helps rid me of every negative engery. At dinner, i get so frustrated at my family's chewing, like a mega phne in my ear, i mediate righth after. I also do deep breathin gin class. or focus on one person's emotion and hold it. I don't follow them, by passing by once in a while, helps. Hope that helps Rose,

light and love, sara b


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