It is thin!  some time ago in SC, I heard the voice of my dead mother calling my name. I was laying on the sofa and the sun was streaming in.

I heard a voice calling my name over and over again. i felt a cold chill. I get this if an old spirit passes through my aura/physical body.

I chose to ignore the warning.  So in two weeks I was out of the house, in bare feet after a physical altercation.

If I had just  paid good attention to this warning I could have avoided such a hassel.  Advice, do pay clear attention when those spirits call upon you.

It was clearly my mother's voice warning me of empending danger.  It took two years to get the mess straightened out.  I pay attention now.

also in this same town, I used to rid spirits from haunting homes and dwellings. I did not use specific instruments. Just the lords prayer and blessing of the dwelling.

After 1 of thease sessions,  Even the  towhouse rental mananger felt the ice cold movement go by us and out the door.  When I got into my car I felt two arms gather round my neck and rest on my shoulders.  I pulled  up to the traffic light and crossed the intersection and went near the James river.  I got out of the car and called to the woman spirit.

She came out of the car, I  sent her into the river and she swam away.  I was not the better of this incident for a good while.

Sometimes, I believe the souls linger for a while and some longer than others. I also  know that spirits can move items. I see them as grey sometimes and translucent in the daytime.

I do not lift the veil nor ask them to visit me.  I have cried often for my departed husband. Yet I know he has moved on.

My personal experience: As the person is in the last dying process, there are four stages that I have witnessed in just the past four years with my, husbands, and daughter. Iam not always comfortable with some entities. Ok enough for now. Jasmine. anyone else, please share.



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