I was told by a psychic recently that I was an indigo. That I knew, but then she said said something about saving the world?

I don't know if she was screwing with my brain or what, but I'm looking for all the information on indigos I can get. Help?

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You'll find some good information about Indigos on our web site in our Young Psychics section at http://globalpsychics.com/enlightening-you/metaphysics/young-psychi..... Whoever told you that you were to save the world is both right ad wrong... don't know that the world really needs saving, but all that aside, "the world" as it is is a product of the co-creative powers of every individual that has ever lived on the planet... so if we are going to change things here, we will need a lot of folks operating on the same page, wanting the same changes.... and that's where the indigos come in... you bring in a new and perhaps higher vibration and so many of you are coming into the planet with a greater respect for loving action and a deeper sense of purpose that hopefully, you can as a group tip the scales to move us forward into a happier, more joyful future...

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