To begin, I have always had problems with my joints. me and the doctors blamed it on everything between growing pains and arthritis. One day the pain managed to get so unbearable that even one of my father's loratabs wouldn't stop the pain, just made me sleep. eventually I started messing around with auras and how I could see them and the healing just came like that. the sensitivity I felt around everything's energies were very interesting. I could perform major energy surgeries in the midst of an ongoing class and put the negative energy found in the sickness in a paper or just send energy to it. I am a wiccan so I always banished the negative energy from reappearing and causing harm as I tore the peice of paper into bits as many spells of banishment require, or burying it off land as the setting applied. I even stumbled accross my spirit guide because of this magickal growth I felt within the year. I was wondering if anyone could relate or direct me in a narrow path towards my training. I really am getting sick of stumbling around trying to figure things out on my own.

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when i have sore joint pains i tyake a long bath i can see my spirts are trying to search for answers for you if you would like an email of my spirtual thoughts for your past present future contact mrs valerie bryant
thank you for the searching. my spirits just sit around and do nothing. and the email would be nice. thank you so much. -blessed be, lynne thrasher

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