I am new here.But not new to paranormal experiences.I have seen spirits since I was a little girl.My dad thought I was a nut because I would wake him in the middle of the night telling him someone was in the house.That went over like a lead balloon.It got to the point that I was waking up at least 3 nights a week by an entity that I felt meant me harm.I would sneak into my brother's room and sleep with my younger brother.On one of these nights,I was again pulled awake.That fear was instant,as soon as I opened my eyes,fear would engulf me.I crawled up into my brothers top bunk bed and closed my eyes,hoping that whatever "it" was would leave me alone.Suddenly I felt hot breathe on my leg,I could hear someone breathing,hard,I could not open my eyes I was too afraid,so I kicked my leg out hoping that I would hit whatever it was,there was nothing but air.I thought I would have a heart attack I was so scared,then suddenly,it was morning and I woke up.That was no dream.To this day,I must have a sheet or blanket covering me when I sleep.Not until I got older did I figure out what "it"was/is.I do not have a relationship with my mother,but in order to see my children I went to another state and stayed at her house.And it started,the shaken awake,the fear,the feeling that something is in the room with me,that sickening feeling of fear is something I will never forget.I believe that my "mother"has some sort of evil entity attached to her.I have not had any experiences with "it"since I left her home,several years ago.I told her about it.I will never spend the night in her home or in any place that she is.Has anyone else ever experienced something like this?

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Hello Laurie, i have always required to allocate my passion for understanding and curing so would you be so manner and explain how it would work in terms of clients and payment thank you in advance Brigit

What in the heck are you talking about?Payment for what?I was asking a simple question,has anyone else had an experience like mine?I tried your "psychic"reading,I paid 45.00 for a whole lot of mumbo jumbo that could have and does apply to 95% of the population.I will not be paying for anything on this site again...once burned.....I am not asking for your "curing"I'm pretty well adept at my understanding and protecting myself against evil entities.I see dead people,I talk to them,I have been guided by them.I was hoping to be able to find that one group that was not a sham,just out for money.I am beginning to think that that is what this website is A SHAM,run by wanna be psychics.

onlinepsychics said:

Hello Laurie, i have always required to allocate my passion for understanding and curing so would you be so manner and explain how it would work in terms of clients and payment thank you in advance Brigit

I like your reply Laurie, that would totally tick me off too!  I have had experiences as well some pure freaky and others not so bad.  It must be very hard for you to stay away from mum, i would love to chat with you, general discussion ya know......and no i don't want money lol or to pay money haha.  I recently had a clensing done because i just couldnt shake the entity and every time i went to bed it would be waiting for me ewww, it was confirmed that a fellow had attached himself to my room and bed - thank goodness for the cleansing, i was very luck this gifted person did not charge me, his wife and himself do this for love and to help those who need it.



Yes I have experienced what you are speaking of.  Just recently my dream catcher broke. It hangs over my bed now with a huge hole in the middle of it. I have left it that way . My sister made this for me.

I was praying and in the black of night came a brillant flash of light across the front of my face. I am not sure what it was about, I figure sonner or later I will know.


I also hear voices from time to time. I used to joke about this. I do not do so now. In charleston, I was laying down on the sofa inthe sunshine to rest. I hear my mother (deceased) voice calling me  and warning me to get up. I was so startled. Later there was a physical altercation followed by a divorce of my husband. I do believe she warned me about that in the sun shine afternoon that day.

I say to trust yourself and if you have that kind of experience you described again. You can command  that spirit to go away and banish it from your presence. Sometimes when we are open spirits can come in. I do not have good training in that area. I do know enough that if I am feeling fear it is  not a good spirit for me. If I feel good about the spirit I trust it is ok.

I was involved in an International Spiritual Healers Association back in the 1980. Origon was England. Here in America, we organized conferences. England let us go, because our president disagreed with some of the rules that England set for us. So we disbanded  a few years later. We held Spiritual Healer conference all over the USA. It was  a lot of work, I was Sec. Treasurer.

To join you had to give proff of at least 3 healings not healed by a medical professional. This had to be documented. Not an easy thing to do. It was one of the most happy time of my life in the USA. Ok enough for now. In all Trust yourself. You are right not to spend the night in her home or any place that she has. So trust your experience. Namaste, Jasmine


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