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I'm uneasy about the teen magazine item in today's Global Psychics email newsletter ·"Scary Dreams"):

Are You A Teen Psychic?

UK’s leading teen magazine Sugar wants to speak to you if you think you have a psychic ability. Have you ever been able to see into the future? Maybe you can read minds? Or perhaps you can see auras or have the ability to read palms?

Whatever your ability, if your a teen (13-18) psychic please send a pic and your story toorouj.tamimi@sugarscape.com.

It's pretty unsafe for young people to put their photos and/or personal details out in public.

Also, I know the current trend offers us a lot of useful camouflage, but how safe is it nowadays for a real psychic, especially a very young one, to go public?

My family has a very strong "don't tell, keep a low profile" vibe which is probably due to past experience over many generations, but however fashionable psychics may be right now, going public still means we take the risk that people will target us for their own gain.

It's one thing for an adult, experienced and professional psychic to put his or her details out in public, but for anyone else, my gut keeps telling me this is dangerous. It's especially dangerous for teens, who are often only just coming into their abilities, and are particularly vulnerable to exploitation.

I can't shift this uneasy feeling. How does it feel to you?


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I can see why you feel uneasy, but sometimes, its better to take the risk and speak out. A young person can take precautions and tell their story. They don't have to include all the details, just enough to tell their story.
I can understand your family's "don't tell, keep a low profile" thing. I was born into a family of sceptics. They don't understand the things I do and feel. But that gives me all the more reason to speak out. Sharing my story helps me not feel alone. But I will say that precautions should always be taken if you ever feel uncomfortable about putting out that information.
love always,
You are letting your fears get the best of you, this came from a reputable organization, I wouldn't have posted it otherwise. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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